Never get caught sending an email with incorrect grammar again. Today I can’t wait to talk to you about Linguix Business, an AI-based writing assistant that will help your team speed up their writing and make your content look professional and error-free everywhere on the web. Plus, with premium business features, you can monitor team productivity, create templates and snippets for faster writing, and much more.


Stop worrying about memorizing every rule in the style guide! Linguix has got you covered. Alright, let me start by showing you the business features within Linguix. First, there’s the company dashboard where admins can access information about their team and their writing.

This overview shows you the number of documents created so you can measure productivity, as well as the number of grammar mistakes made. Linguix also offers corporate templates to help make writing easier than ever. Here you will find a variety of templates, for everything from emails to case studies to responses for negative and positive reviews.

Edit these templates to align with your brand voice, check the grammar instantly, and run statistics to see how readable it is. And it doesn’t stop there!

Linguix’s Corporate Snippets are useful for automating repetitive tasks. Snippets are shortcuts that you can access with a hot key combination to instantly insert it. This is great for scheduling meetings, responding quickly to emails, and anything else that makes your inbox easier to get through.

Of course you’ll also have full access to Linguix’s powerful grammar checker that makes sure your copy, emails, and even tweets are always on point. If you want to make writing easier for your whole time and guarantee that all of your content is clear, smooth, and correct, then get the only writing assistant you need with Linguix.