All growing businesses encounter the same problems, email threads that are way too long, chaotic group chats, and files all over the place, how do you get any work done?


If you’re ready to retire from the juggling life and get yourself an all-in-one platform for everything you need to manage your projects, then you better stick around for today’s product intro.

Today we’re going to be talking about bloo, one place for all of your team communication files to do’s and processes, let’s get right into it!

When you log in you will land on the activity dashboard, which gives you an at a glance view of your recent activity across all projects and the recently active members of your team, as we cruise down the menu on the left side we’ll see the all activity tab, that catalogs your personal activity within bloo and my to do’s which keeps track of all of your tasks within a list and calendar view.

Next up is the projects tab, here you will find a kanban board that allows you to drag lists and tasks to create the perfect workflow for your projects, heads up there are project templates for a number of use cases like goal tracking, sales crms, recruitment and many more.

Filter your boards by tags, keywords and assignees, to find exactly what you need; plus create automations based on rule sets, say whenever a to-do list is moved to under review it will be auto-assigned to a project manager with a due date within two days.

It keeping everyone and everything organized and on point, then click on an item to see what’s happening with it, all changes to the item are tracked in an activity feed and you can customize the cards to contain any information you want! Thanks to checklists and custom fields.

The discussions tab in bloo will replace email correspondence and with unlimited uploads and no storage limit, the files tab is a new hub for all of your files.

Notifications can be set up on a project by project basis finally conduct real-time searches across the entire bloo platform it couldn’t be easier to get work done.

So what are you waiting for make project management a breeze for seamless cross-team collaboration with bloo. More information, checkout: