When working with a team, you don’t want to waste time juggling between seven different apps to achieve your goal: you need a one-stop-shop. Even with so many work management tools in the market, we still haven’t been able to find one simple and customizable app to manage sales and operations, and get insights through custom views and charts. Luckily, there’s a new tool on the block that combines all of that in one place. And it’s coming at you in today’s project intro. Today I am so excited to tell you about SmartTask, which helps teams be more productive by streamlining their communication and information flow in a single place.


SmartTask handles your project management, task lists, chat and video conferencing, custom charts, and a CRM. SmartTask is organized like this: You have an overarching organization that has various groups within it. Groups are kind of like departments. And then within each group, you have projects. Cool, right? Let’s go over how all of this operates together to keep your team on track. First, we’re going to dive into a project and take a look at our Task screen. At-a-glance you can see each task, to whom it’s assigned, and the start and end date.

Plus, tasks can be filtered in a whole lot of ways, like by status, incomplete tasks, when they’re due, who the task belongs to, and much, much more. There’s a treasure trove of functionality within each task. You can make a task recurring; attach files from Dropbox, Google Drive, a file link, or your computer; make a task dependent on the completion of a previous task; add a reminder; and create subtasks. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, Sumo-lings. You can also view your tasks on a Kanban board, and drag and drop tasks across a series of columns as the project moves from one stage to the next.

There’s a calendar view that shows you tasks by the month, week, and day, and the Newsfeed view, which is sort of like Facebook, in that someone can make a status update post for others to comment on. SmartTask also gives you the option to chat with teammates at a project level and one-on-one. Alright, let’s zoom out a little bit and check out your projects on a whole. All of your projects are divided into multiple stages — you can update these to match your process. At the end of each stage, you’ll set a milestone: This guarantees that each of your tasks is aligned with an overall goal.

Don’t worry — you don’t have to recreate this every time. You can totally save a template for later. You’ll group similar projects in a portfolio. Click on any given portfolio to see its ongoing projects, the milestones most recently completed, and its overall status. What’s really important here is the Workload View, which helps you visualize your team’s workload and identify when a team member has taken on too much. Relieve them of a responsibility simply by dragging and dropping it into another person’s pile.

Your team can also track their time. When you create a task, you assign it a time estimate. As you work, just hit the start and stop button on the timer — or do it the old fashioned way and custom log your time. All of these logs are available in the tracking view, and you can pull a productivity report for each and every team member.

Speaking of Reports, SmartTask’s are extensive and they allow you to dive deep into all meetings, overdue tasks, tasks you created, and much more teamwide. SmartTask also allows you to run a global search across all tasks and projects, and turn those results into a report. In these reports, you can create custom charts for whatever analytics you want to track. SmartTask also comes with a full-featured CRM.

Not only can you track your leads through the sales pipeline, but the system will also crunch the numbers, giving you analytics on the estimated sales and the point of sale of your different users. It’s a no brainer! SmartTask can do it all. So what’re you waiting for? Level up your team productivity with an unbeatable project flow thanks to SmartTask..

More info do visit https://appsumo.com/smarttask/