Broadcasting live to your audience can get complicated fast. Maybe you want to embed content into the video but don’t have the tools. Or maybe you have a computer solution but you really need to use mobile. OR maybe you connected a fancy camera only to get super frustrated installing it so you give up. Sumo-lings, I hear your frustration, and I’m about to introduce you to a platform that will make all of these struggles a thing of the past. It’s coming up in today’s product intro.


Today I’m excited to tell you about Livapp, which allows anyone anywhere to stream live content like a pro all through a mobile app available on Android and iOS. I’m about to show you how easy it is to broadcast with Livapp, Alrighty, let’s jump into the main menu of the mobile app. This is where you can decide whether you want to launch a live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, or another website through an RTMP, upload an offline recording with your overlays, or control a live broadcast remotely with your phone.

But WAIT, not so fast – let’s set up our overlays first. You’ll do this through the Livapp website, where you can upload a PDF and logo to appear on the screen during the broadcast. And that’s it! You’re all ready to go live back in the mobile app. Let’s go ahead and broadcast on Facebook. You’re going to add a speaker or three, double-check your connection, and select your video quality. Then your phone will sync up with the platform and take you here: to The Livapp Studio! This is where you can control your stream, display the speaker name, and add and mute the slides that appear.

Once you’re done broadcasting, you’ll just click Stop Live. If you selected “Mini Clips” during the broadcast, Livapp will create a series of short segments for you so you can grab your best moments, or you can check out the full replay on your phone. Sumo-lings, if you want a top of the line solution for broadcasting your content live with inlays, then you need to get Livapp today!.

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