Video editing can be tough. Whether it’s an unfriendly interface or way too-large file sizes, it is often a long and winding road to the finished product. And don’t even get me started on introducing a second person into the mix!


Collaborating on video projects is even harder, between all the exporting and back and forth messaging. I’m tired just talking about it. And if you’re tired from the real video struggle, then you’ll want to stick around for today’s product intro. Today we are dramatically speeding up video editing with the power of cloud computing thanks to Flixier. Flixier’s easy-to-use interface will have you pumping out videos in no time, and their internal sharing tool lets you instantly collab with your team.

Cloud-powered Video Editor

Once you’re happy with your finished product, Flixier processes your videos on powerful cloud computers so you can export from any device. Alright, let’s start by breaking down the four sections of the platform.

Cloud-powered Video Editor

First up, you have the library, which stores all of the files for your project. You can upload files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. Or record your audio, webcam, or screen directly through Flixier in just a few clicks! In addition to the files you’ve uploaded, you have access to Flixier’s stock library, motion graphics, and transitions to enhance and beautify your videos.

There is a variety of motion graphic types. First, we’ve got overlays, which are usually used as transitions between scenes. Then, animations, which include simple moving shapes and more complicated ones. And finally, moving titles, which are perfect for beginning and endings of videos or identifying a person’s name and title.

Flixier also has a number of transitions. Compared to Overlays, this is a simple alternative for editors who don’t want animated elements when merging their cuts. And next up, we have the stage, which shows a preview of your video. The cogwheel just below the stage lets you set different settings, like the aspect ratio for switching between landscape, square and portrait videos, background colors, and more. For other exciting settings, you can head to the inspector section, which is the main place for editing your various assets.

The settings will depend on the asset selected, be it an image, video, motion graphic, or audio, and will include customizations like color adjustments, effects and filters, and transform tools. Last up, we’ve got the timeline, which is where you insert materials and edit them by cutting, trimming, rearranging, or stacking.

You can insert a file in three ways: by double-clicking on the file or by dragging a file from the library to either the stage or the timeline. Once you’re ready to collaborate with your colleagues, you can share projects and files instantly, and keep everyone updated and in sync.

Simply click a button to generate a link that’s sharable via email and other messaging systems to begin getting feedback from your team or clients! Flixier really shines when it comes time to publish. When publishing, you take full advantage of the cloud power with lightning-fast rendering and download speeds regardless of the video’s length. Then, publish to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or Dropbox in seconds all at the click of a button.

Plus, you never have to worry about large file sizes thanks to built-in cloud storage. Are you ready to speed up your workflow without compromising video quality? Whether you want to grow a YouTube channel, create marketing campaigns, enhance your blogs with video or quickly edit Zoom recordings, you need to get Flixier..