Communicating with your site’s visitors in real-time shouldn’t just be a pipe dream. Set yourself up for success with! Today we’re talking about, the business messenger that connects website visitors directly with associates via video call, voice call, text chat, and contact forms. So you can easily collect lead information!

Okay, first things first, this is your dashboard. Here you can add departments, which is how your clients can decide which faction of your company they’re trying to contact, like sales or customer service.

So this is the list of all the departments right now. Moving down to the Workers tab, this is where you add your employees who’ll be engaging directly with customers.

Down here in the Widgets tab, you can create and configure the Widget for your support service. You can set your contact methods and let clients choose. You can also determine which department is contacted.

In the Design tab, you can set the colors of your Widget. And the Accessibility tab is where you can configure settings to hide your Widget when your operator isn’t available. Finally, the Legal consents tab is where you list the terms users agree to before establishing connection. Once you’re done creating your Widget, it’s super easy to install it on your site: you can manually embed the Widget via a generated code, or use the plugin on your WordPress site.

Let’s shimmy over to the Offline Leads tab, which is where you’ll find your list of customers who’ve sent you a message when you were unavailable to take calls. So you view their messages and respond via their contact information. You can also add notes, to keep track of what’s going on with this correspondence. And if you miss a message you’ll get a notification up at the top of your dashboard.

From here you can directly reply to the user.

And once you’re chatting away, the user can select the option to voice or video call. Best of all, once the call is done, you’re still able to continue chatting with the user. When you’re ready to end the connection completely, just hit Close. All your conversations are archived in the History tab, where you can continue to add notes.

And you can export all your data in a variety of file formats.

Handling sales and customer service has never been simpler! gives you a quick and easy way to communicate with your users and continue to grow your clientbase. Level up your communication strategy with today!