You’re the kind of person who pays attention to detail, and every document you send out is meticulously created to earn your stamp of approval. But when it comes to creating your resume, you might get a little stuck. You have all of the qualifications and you know what to write – but no matter how hard you try, you can’t quite figure out how to make a resume that leaves an awesome first impression. If this sounds familiar, then today is your lucky day, because we have a tool that will create stylish resumes and cover letters in just minutes.


How to Craft Beautiful Resumes?

Today I can’t wait to tell you about Resumonk, a tool that helps you create beautiful and professional resumes in just minutes so you can wow all of your prospective employers. But, before I show you how this all works, make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel and ring the bell, so you never miss out on another one of our deals.

Alright, let me show you how Resumonk works. Here is your main work area, where you’ll see three tabs at the top. These are Edit Resume, Add Cover Letter, and Preview & Download. Let’s hop into tab #1. In the Edit Resume tab, you’ll see the individual resume sections over on the left hand side. You can reorder these sections by dragging them wherever you want, and add additional sections, like publications and languages, as needed. Now, you’ve got two options for entering all the resume data: You can either enter information manually, OR (what you’ll probably want to do) is import from your LinkedIn profile. Which makes it a whole lot easier to jumpstart your resume.

All you have to do is export a ZIP file provided by LinkedIn – this will take you about 10 minutes. And then once you have it, go ahead and upload that file into Resumonk! Your resume will automatically populate, and if there are any more sections in your LinkedIn profile, Resumonk will add them without any effort on your part! And it’s important to note: you can actually rename any of these sections, which means YES! You can create a resume in any left to right language.

Alright, let’s head over to the Preview & Download section so we can see this bad boy at work. You’ll see at the top are twenty templates to choose from, and you can adjust the colors and fonts to match your personal tastes. Just hit Save Design once you’re happy with your changes. Now I want to show you how to add a cover letter. It’s as easy as filling out a form, but make sure you do this one important step: Select whether you want to download the cover letter separately or as part of the same document.

Then over in the preview tab, you’ll see your cover letter take on the exact same design as your resume. Lastly, the dashboard is where you’ll see all of your existing resumes. Resumonk comes with the ever-so-handy Clone function, so you can copy a resume without starting from scratch. You can also publish your resume on a public URL, and Resumonk will track the analytics to let you know it’s been viewed. Sumo-lings, put your best foot forward by impressing your future employer at first sight.

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