Working in sales isn’t always a walk in the park. The hours not spent sending cold emails are often devoted to tedious workflows and strategizing paths to success.


But come on, isn’t it the best feeling when one of your cold calls turns into a big sale? Well, we’ve got a tool that will properly celebrate those big wins, while also helping you out with some headaches along the way.

CRM Powered By Gamification, CRM.ME

Intrigued? Then stay tuned for today’s product intro. Today, I want to tell you about, a smart and addictively fun way to manage your sales funnel. is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform to manage sales pipelines, automate marketing efforts, and manage your team’s projects. Plus, with unique gamification, you’ll be in the business of making sales fun again.

Now let’s head over to your dashboard. Your dashboard is customizable, so it only displays exactly what you want at-a-glance. You can Add Portets of your favorite reports, your contact book, or your leads, then organize them to your enjoy using the drag-and-drop platform. allows an even deeper customization in the Designer panel which lets you change every module, from the field names to the layout of the page. Over on the left side menu, you’ll see all the major modules of

You can use the Email Template Builder to create beautiful email messages and target them to specific groups of customers. Then, manage and track those email campaigns to see how they are performing. Or use the Lead Capture Forms to send leads directly to without the help of an IT department. gives you a 360-degree view of your sales efforts, so you gain visibility into your accounts and contacts. For example, the project manager keeps you up-to-date on yours and your team’s workload with task breakdowns and kanban boards. And the activity manager helps you track all calls, meetings, tasks, and notes across all the leads and deals that your team is pursuing.

But what sets apart is their gamification engine, so you can keep your sales teams engaged with a healthy dose of competition. doesn’t feature leaderboards. Motivate your team with goals that will earn them points so they can collect rewards. To set it up, hit the Gear icon and select the Administration panel, then travel to Game Rewards. But if this feature isn’t quite right for your team, that’s a-okay. You can disable gamification altogether under Global Configuration.

All right, let’s say a sales person closes a deal. What happens next? [crickets] This is where’s workflow automations step in. There are two types of automations to choose from: time-based or on Save. For the purposes of our demonstration, we will do On Save. I will start by selecting in which module my workflow will begin, then I’ll choose the trigger, so in this case: “When the stage becomes ‘Closed.’” Next, I’ll choose an action. Maybe I want to subscribe the account to a mailing list or update who owns the contact.

Finally, I’ll create the email notification template and decide who gets notified of the big news. features way more tools to stay on top of your marketing, sales, and project management, but frankly we don’t have enough time to get to them in this intro. So if you want the world’s first all-in-one, cloud-based CRM platform powered by gamification and discover all their great features, then you’ve got to get