Whether your followers are doom-scrolling or in the mood to buy, now you can get more of them to click on your links with Piar.io.


Piar.io,  a tool that gives you the power to design what your followers see when you share a link, a custom link previews service.

Alright, getting started is as easy as entering a URL that you want to link to,  so Piar.io can grab the title, description, and image for the preview.

Then over on the right,  check out how it’ll appear on all of the social platforms — I’m talking Facebook,  Twitter, and everywhere else so you can make sure you’re looking fresh all over the internet. But let’s say the link isn’t looking fresh. You have a few customization options.

You can switch  up what part of the image is showing in the preview, or add an image of your own either  by pasting a URL from any source or uploading directly from your computer. You can even use a  gif file to attract even more attention!

Last, we’re going to edit the text and description. Now let’s make this bad boy your own. Piar.io lets you connect a custom domain  to stay true to your brand. And we’re ready to create the link!

Once you do, you’ll land back on your dashboard where you can see a preview, duplicate the link,  archive or delete it, and quickly access its stats.

Speaking of Statistics, Piar.io provides  powerful insights into your links, broken down by devices, time spans, browsers, and more. This tool is a game changer for getting conversions on your social media.  So what’re you waiting for?

Get more clicks today with custom link previews thanks to Piar.io.. https://appsumo.com/piar/