Wish you could build a dream user experience with a no-code, drag-and-drop editor?  You can with Candu! Today we’re talking about Candu, the drag-and-drop editor that helps  non-developers build dynamic user experiences using your own app’s components. With Candu,  you can build UI components that look and feel like they were hardcoded.


Alright, welcome to your dashboard! Fun fact, this whole dashboard was created by Candu,  so you can edit aspects to reflect your branding.

So first things first,  let’s hop into settings and update the style guide with your brand’s typography and colors.  Once you set up your style guide, you can forget it, Candu will take of it!

Now let’s shimmy over to Content, which is where you can create elements that appear on  your dashboard. So this is all the content that your brand builds. And to make it even easier,  Candu has these custom templates that you can use to make content.

This is great if you know  what use cases you want to start with, or if you just need some creative inspiration! Plus  Candu even lets you create your own templates, so everyone on your team has access to them.

So as an example, this is how easy it is to create a welcome message on your dashboard. Click on  Create to make new content from this template. Now we’re in the Candu editor, which lets you  create and move around content, like change up the layout or pick different text styles.  You can also update the header image to reflect your brand and then edit the text underneath.  Candu lets you add in a short video message, buttons, alerts, badges, and cards.

Just drag  them into the editor and you can further move them around via the toolbox. And when you’re done,  hit publish! And because you might want different content for different groups, Candu lets you  create Segments. Segments use if and logic and you can even create nested conditions.  So if you just wanted to create a Segment for new users from your organization, you can with Candu!

Finally, here is the Portals tab, which is where you connect content you’ve created  with your user groups.

And if you want to change up who has access to what, you can! It’s never been easier to create an awesome UI without the hassle of learning code.  Use Candu to effortlessly build the UI for your dreams!.