Have you been struggling to build your online store? Whether it’s coding that’s bogging you down or patching up the store with expensive add-ons and plugins, building an online store can result in stress, confusion, and all-nighters. Well, it’s time to kiss those long nights (and all that coding!) goodbye. Whether you are an entrepreneur who sells time-based services, physical products or digital downloads, you’ll want to stick around for today’s product intro.


Today we are talking about Gigrove, an e-commerce game-changer that helps you sell your products or services, process payments, and ultimately make your web store work for you, your company, and your clients. Gigrove changes the way freelancers, consultants, teams, and small businesses do business by providing you maximum freedom while requiring minimum effort. You’ll start off by heading to your store’s settings and entering some basic information, like payment methods and shipping costs, and uploading the visual aspects of your page, like the banner and logo.

Plus, all web stores come with a custom domain, so you can scroll to the bottom of the menu to set that up. Gigrove supports three types of products: physical products, digital content, and services. Let’s check out each one. First, let’s add a product. You’ll start by filling out its name, cost, description, images, and accepted payment types. Scroll down a bit for the more advanced options, like inventory, shipping, SEO, and branded notification emails. Now let’s say your product is downloadable. You’ll tick this box up at the top and then this lower-half is where you upload the files being purchased.

You can set a max number of downloads and other restrictions to the product. If you’re selling services, the customer will book you through a calendar. Just set up your available hours, and they’ll schedule directly through the store! All of your service requests will appear in real-time under your Bookings tab, just like your Orders page will be updated in seconds when someone makes a purchase from your site. Alright, let’s check out your stellar online store! Along with header image and logo capability, each store contains products, policies, and about pages – which can be customized.

Along with giving you maximum freedom in they way you want to customize your products , here’s where Gigrove also sets itself apart from all the rest: Your customers have the capability to directly message you as a store owner. Whenever a customer reaches out, the message will appear in your Messages tab, and your response will be sent directly to the customer’s email!

If you and your team want a no hassle, no nonsense solution for your web store, so you can start selling virtually anything you dream up, then you better get your hands on Gigrove. More info do checkout: https://appsumo.com/gigrove/