Everyone knows that email is here to stay, so it’s important to keep your email game strong with newsletters that engage readers and perfectly timed messages to close that sale. Well, good news for everyone on Team WordPress: If you’re looking for an email solution that is as easy to use as it is customizable, then you better stick around for today’s product intro.


Today I’m going to tell you about MailPoet, a plugin that allows you to create and send emails through WordPress that will reach your audience’s inbox every time. Alrighty, let’s breakdown the MailPoet plugin tab by tab.

Emails inside WordPress

First up, the heart of MailPoet: the Emails tab, where you can create and manage all of your newsletters, welcome emails, and WooCommerce automated emails. MailPoet comes stocked with 50, mobile-friendly and HTML-free templates for all of your email needs, including abandoned cart nudges, an editor for WooCommerce invoice designs, and more. Let’s create a newsletter. Using the MailPoet drag and drop builder, you can design the newsletter of your dreams.

Insert columns and images, edit the text and colors, and add social buttons so your readers can spread your content across their channels. Once you’re happy with your beautiful work, shoot yourself a preview or view how the newsletter will appear in a browser or on mobile. As an added perk, MailPoet lets you create forms for your website.

This editor is also simple to use: You’ll just choose the fields and move them whereever you want them. Easy! The Subscribers page is where you’ll see all of your subscribers, their status, and which lists they belong to. Before you ask, yes you can absolutely import your subscribers from a file or MailChimp! Then, check out the Lists tab to manage your Lists and update your Segments.

Pro-tip: Head over to Settings to activate auto-unsubscribe for inactive subscribers. This keeps your lists up to date with engaged audience members. The option is exclusive to and beloved among MailPoet users! WordPress folks, it’s an obvious choice. Make the most of your emails and newsletters so your visitors and customers are always coming back for more. Get MailPoet today!