All business and marketers have one thing in common, with all of the noise online, you need graphics that stand out! You can either hire pricey designers and lose money or learn everything there is to know about design principles and waste time.


But there’s a third option, like ready to make designs in dozens of formats right at your fingertips, that’s coming up in today’s product intro.

Today I’m so excited to tell you an app name pixelide, a very powerful yet easy to use graphic design tool with an extensive library of more than 2,000 templates, 3 million photos icons, as well as illustrations, a selection of color palettes, and so much more.

The dashboard is where you’ll find all of the templates for various platforms and marketing types, any graphic needs you might have pixellide has got you covered, from podcast cover art, to youtube thumbnails, to email newsletter headers, to templates for every social media platform under the sun. you can filter these by category, color, and keywords to find the perfect template for your needs.

Of course you can also create a blank canvas simply by entering dimensions, so i have landed on my template, and i am taken to the editor where i can customize the graphic to my liking by changing up the text colors illustrations and much more. i’m going to add a photo by searching through 3 million royalty free images, and have some fun with the text by adding borders and shadows.

Pixelide lets you upload your own fonts, plus it comes stacked with illustrations, elements and icons and you can upload your own files including vectors from photoshop and illustrator.

There’s also an in-house background remover that actually works with and without a template, that’s right! You can use the background remover on any image, even when you aren’t working on a graphic.

Same goes for illustrations, when all you need is the perfect icon you can look through the hundreds of options and change up the colors to make it work to your needs.

All right i’m happy with this final design, so i’m going to download the file to my computer, all designs are organized into folders i can also create multiple workspaces to separate all of my clients, each workspace allows not just separate folders but also fonts designs uploads branding assets and team members.

Whatever your graphic needs pixelide has your back with a full suite of standalone solutions and awesome designs then you better get your hands on pixelide today. More information check out: