When you need a way to send and receive files securely, email attachments just won’t cut it. The enterprise solutions cost an arm and a leg, and you don’t want to settle for one of those cheap solutions that simply sends a download link. Those look unprofessional, and you’re anything but. So if you want to send and receive secure files efficiently, then you need to get your hands on the tool in today’s product intro.


Today I’m excited to tell you about Connected, which makes secure file delivery simple so you can increase productivity and security. Connected includes high-end features normally reserved for the pricier options, like retention policies and full audit logging for all transactions. And have I mentioned Connected can handle files up to 5gb? Alrighty, let’s get into it. You’ll kick things off in the Settings tab.

This is where you’ll add company branding like your logo, color scheme, and button style. Keep scrolling to find the sign up link to share with your team. Next, you’ll want to set up some personal information to increase your trust rating within the app. You’ll do this by verifying your mobile number and address, plus take it a step further by submitting approved I.D.

You can also specify who can send you messages and what happens to messages that don’t meet that criteria. And now, the moment you have all been waiting for!! Let’s send a message. It’s pretty standard: enter your recipient, subject, and message, and of course, don’t forget the attachments. Let’s check out the email your recipient will get. It’ll take them to the holding page where they can access the files. If the recipient is a Google Drive user, they can receive all of their files in one go by simply authorizing Google to work with Connected.

File Drop Pages are convenient for receiving files from users without a login. All they need is a web browser. Here’s what your file drop page will look like: it works basically the same as an email. Then, over in your Inbox, you’ll find all of your received messages and files. You can also check out the file size and more info on the sender, like their trust rating and location.

Last up, let me show you where you can store your files! Here, we can create a vault and then add your files by hitting Attach. When you’re finished uploading, click Save. It’s that simple. Now you can sleep easy knowing that all of your files are safe and sound. Want a little more protection? Just click on two-factor authentication! You can also share the content of this vault in a snap: just click send and you’ll see the standard message builder.

Now, send your files safely and easily all from one place and get hours back in your day. Get your hands (and files!) on Connected right now. More info check out https://appsumo.com/connected/