Let’s face it: You’re popular, and people have nice things to say about you. But collecting testimonials can quickly turn into a long, painful game of email tennis at best, or a desperate attempt to fish for compliments at worst. That’s why you need a tool that does all the carrot-dangling for you. Get ready to streamline your testimonial collection with today’s product intro.


Today we are talking about Endorsal, a platform that fully automates the collection and display of testimonials, so your business can focus on building great products, and your potential customers can know exactly how great those products are!

First, you’ll want to set up your customer-facing form to capture all those rave reviews. Head over to the Endoforms tab, and start by customizing the form with a logo or theme color to match your company’s branding. You can also change the text on the form and select whether your user can pull their contact info from a social media platform. Next, you’ll customize what date you want to collect from the customer, turn fields on and off, set them to required—all that good stuff. On the next screen, you’ll make changes to what customers see after submitting a form.

Now here’s where Endorsal features two options for driving conversions. First, you can allow the customer to post the same testimonial to other platforms, like Facebook and Yelp. The customer will receive links to both the pages, and the comments they wrote will be copied to their clipboard. Endorsal also lets your incentivise reviews, so you can reward your customer with a discount once they submit a testimonial! Now check out how pretty your form looks. When the customer fills it out, they’ll see a live preview. Next up, SuperLinks! SuperLinks are dynamic links that pre-fill the form with customer data you already hold.

Endorsal integrates with most types of CRMs, email marketing, and automation software. The form works with tags, so each field will be replaced with the corresponding data from whatever external source you use. For the purposes of this demo, we’re using MailChimp tags, and you’ll see *ta-da!* your customer will receive a form prefilled with their photo, name, email, and company, as it was saved in your MailChimp database.

Of course you’ll probably want to monitor your incoming testimonials, and you can do exactly that in the Testimonials tab. From here, you can approve or reject reviews, and select favorites which will then move to the top of your website! In the Widgets tab, you’ll receive the code to enter into your site to display your fabulous reviews. You can create a single testimonial or multiple testimonials widget; with the multiple option, you can display testimonials in a carousel or grid layout.

Customize the appearance to match your brand, and then Endorsal will generate a code. Don’t worry, it’s not tricky: You’ll simply enter one line of code into the header of your website, and one wherever you want the testimonials to appear. It’s that simple! And because Endorsal loves you so much, it comes with additional easy-to-setup features for your website, like the Wall of Love, which creates a clean, and beautiful testimonial page, or FOMO Popups, that trigger timely popups featuring your best quotes so you increase conversions. There’s nothing like rave reviews from past clients to get you more future clients.

If you want to save your business time and money trying to collect testimonials from clients, then you better get Endorsal.. More information, https://appsumo.com/endorsal/