Want to create an awesome ecommerce platform with easy-to-understand sales funnels? Set yourself up for success with InfluencerSoft. Today I can’t wait to tell you all about InfluencerSoft, the platform that provides all the tools influencers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs need to market and sell their products online.


Alright, let’s get into it! First things first, welcome to your dashboard! Up here, is a welcome video that helps you successfully onboard. And if you scroll down, you’ll see InfluencerSoft Academy, which goes even more into detail on how to use this platform. And best of all, if you’re stuck, you can easily set up a 15 minute Discovery Consult call with tech support to get you back on track.

There’s also Influencer Weekly Mentoring Live calls, which are, you guessed it, LIVE—you can see the time for the call, so just click this link if you want to join. Now besides these helpful tools, you can also send a Support email if you need it, and look through the knowledge base to access thousands of articles to help you use the platform.

Moving right along, here’s your Startup Checklist, which also helps you get set up. All you have to do is walk through and follow along the prompts. Alright now, let’s dive into your Funnels and click on Catalog, which is where you’ll select a template to use.

Just click, and boom, that template is now in your account! One of the coolest things about InfluencerSoft is how easy it is to make your own funnel, just click! Now there’s a lot of information here, so let’s take it slow— let’s start by clicking here and going to the Opt-In page and clicking on Actions, which is where you’ll create your own list. And now this list is LIVE, so you can scroll down on your page and opt-n.

And after you turn on your analytics, you can see how that opt-in form worked and that the email was automatically sent!

So you don’t need to worry about losing track of clicks or integrating some specific email software— InfluencerSoft takes care of everything. In fact, here’s a peek at something really awesome: the Webinar Room feature, that lets you move customers into different parts of the funnel based on their webinar activity. InfluencerSoft also lets you build in another page to your funnel, easy peasy.

That page can be tracked right in the system. So you can have fun fiddling around with all the widgets and build a funnel that really caters to your unique business.

For example, here’s how you can add an action item and you can select triggers. And once you build it, you can clone this process and use it over and over again. Next up, here’s how easy it is to use the drag-and-drop editor to build your pages. You can add in video and also embed in other sections. There are different templates for each section, which is a huge load off, and you can easily customize the template from there.

Lastly, here’s how you can use InfluencerSoft to track your sales! Hop into the online store and you can see all the sales and how they were funneled in. Sumo-lings, it’s never been easier to create sales funnels! Turn your website visitors into customers and unlock sustainable, recurring revenue with InfluencerSoft! https://appsumo.com/products/influencersoft/