Does scheduling your meetings over email get in the way of you reaching Inbox Zero? Are you constantly flooded with back-and-forth messages, like: What time? Where? Wait… this Thursday or next Thursday? I know it can be frustrating, but luckily it’s also temporary because we have a solution to those unnecessary emails in today’s product introduce.


I cannot wait to introduce you about Harmonizely, a reliable and simple scheduling tool for booking meetings with your customers and team members. Whether you teach piano lessons, sell real estate, consult on projects, or nearly anything in between, Harmonizely is the tool for you. As soon as you’ve created your account, Harmonizely generates a unique scheduling link to share with your peeps.

Over in Account Settings, you can edit that link and disable the Harmonizely branding. Next, you’ll head over to the Calendar Integration tab. You can connect to a whole slew of calendar types, not just your standard Google. Using the CalDav integration, you can connect to Zimbra, Zoho, FastMail, NextCloud, and so many more. Harmonizely will sync with your favorite calendar and prevent double-booking. Next, let’s set up your meetings. In the Meeting Types tab, you can create many meeting types and define all of their unique and important details, like the location, buffer time, and how much advance notice you want.

You can also set a custom confirmation page for each meeting type. And just like that, you’re ready to send out your link! Alternatively, embed Harmonizely into your website using a short HTML code. When a user schedules with you, you’ll be alerted via email, and the meeting will appear under the My Meetings page. Here, you can reschedule or cancel the meeting, leave a private note, or invite more participants simply by adding email addresses. It’s time to say goodbye to follow-up emails and missed meetings, and say hello to Harmonizely, the best tool for harmonious scheduling.

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