Execution Time: about 5 minutes
Goal: Check if your website is properly displayed on mobile devices.
Ideal Outcome: Your website is mobile responsive.
Why this is important: Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.
Where this is done: In Google Mobile Friendly Tool and Chrome Browser Developer Tool.
When this is done: Ideally as soon you put your website online. Then every time when you change your website’s theme.
Who does this: Pearson in charge of managing your website.

Let’s get started, in 5 minutes you will know if your website is mobile friendly.

Environment setup:

  • We recommend that you use Google Chrome browser to navigate the web.

How To Check If My Website Is Mobile Friendly?

Checking using Google Mobile Friendly Test

  • Click on the “Test URL” button.

  • If necessary, solve the Captcha puzzle to confirm that you are not a robot

  • Wait a while for “Analyzing” to finish.

  • Then you will be presented with results. If your page is not “mobile friendly” you should consider changing to another theme or edit an existing one.

Checking if your website is Mobile Friendly by inspecting it

  • Go to your website using “Chrome Browser”
  • Right Click anywhere on free space of your website and choose “Inspect”.

  • The “Developer Tool” will appear. Choose “Toggle device toolbar”.

  • The way your website is displayed will change to a mobile device.

  • You can choose to change format to other popular mobile devices by selecting it from a dropdown list.

  • Use your cursor as your finger to check how your website will behave on mobile devices.

Now you know how to check if your website is mobile friendly so you can make sure that all audiences, no matter what devices they are using will explore your content comfortably

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