Can choosing the right domain trigger a bit of anxiety? A lot of business owner who not yet bring their business online always have the same question on how to choose a right domain name. Same happen to my self during 2007 when I register my 1st domain name.

How To Choose A Right Domain Name

Of course, it can, because you want to make sure that it connects with your target audience. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right domain:

How To Choose A Right Domain Name?

  1. Do your research first. eg Keyword, brand name
  2. If and when you can, select a domain that explains it all.
  3. Make it stick. Try to make it easy for your target audience to remember.
  4. Try to keep it as short as possible. Avoiding hyphens and numbers if possible.
  5. Choose the right extension. Examples: .com, .net, .org, .biz –
  6. Picking the right domain, makes it easier to use a subdomain without having to dish out more money. For example, let us say you were creating a website that offers your services in different cities in the state of Texas. Your original domain purchased was If you started in Dallas, Texas and expanded to El Paso, TX then you can incorporate a subdomain and now target that city by using You can use subdomains for so many reasons. A subdomain is like having your own website but still ties in with the domain.
  7. Think what your domain looks like as a LOGO.

Here is the bottom line. Having a domain builds trust and reputation.

People are likely to click on a domain that sounds legit instead of a long link that looks as if it has no ending.

A domain name cost approximate $12-15. If you wish to register a domain name and looking for advice, do reach us!

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