One of the least favorite marketing methods in business is the cold email outreach strategy.

Essentially, you’ll be contacting other businesses for collaboration opportunities via email, but since there’s no prior contact, chances of success are slim.

Choosing your Cold Email Outreach Tool

Today, we’ll compare three tools that will make your campaigns perform better and which you can get at AppSumo at great prices (where one is completely free!) – PursueApp, Cold Email Master and Postaga.

Ease of use

PursueApp – the user-friendly approach is geared towards newcomers, making for a fast learning curve. Additionally, integration with familiar software like Gmail and MS Office keeps most of the actions familiar.

Cold Email Master – above all else, Cold Email Master is a learning tool that looks to give you the knowledge for better conversions. As such it’s difficult to gauge the ease of use – all the content is easily accessible; how well and how fast you receive it is highly individual.

Postaga – a robust tool, brimming with various features, Postaga employs a unified dashboard from which you’ll be doing all your work. Even so, the sheer number of features makes for a more challenging path to complete mastery of the app.

🏆 Winner

PursueApp does less things than Postaga, which makes it easier to handle, making it the winner.


Internal database

PursueApp – with the app, you’ll get mostly only visual customization options (like themes, logo options, color schemes, etc.) that will enable you to edit your backend and emails you’re sending out.

Cold Email Master – you’ll get to use an extensive database of scripts and templates, live email teardowns and write-ups that will give you a great insight into writing your own content. All the content has been pretested by large groups to ensure efficiency.

Postaga – numerous customization options will be at your fingertips, as well as campaign templates for specific situations and businesses. In addition, you’ll be able to use contact suggestions as well as an email address search.

🏆 Winner

Cold Email Writer brings a unique, tested, database you can use to improve your skills, which isn’t found elsewhere.


PursueApp – offers basic analytical data for your campaigns.

Cold Email Master – none

Postaga – you can review your past and current campaigns through all the relevant metrics.

🏆 Winner

Although neither solution offers something revolutionary, Postaga offers the largest amount of pure data.


Specific Features

PursueApp – enables you to create automated cold email campaigns. Because it’s automated, you can play the numbers game and get a larger return based on the quantity of sent mails alone.

Cold Email Master – offers you a step-by-step course and detailed checklist on hot to write emails that will get noticed, along with dozens of templates to use as your base before you find your unique voice. Aside from building up your brand, you’re also increasing your own know-how.

Postaga – lets you build targeted, automatic campaigns with extensive customization options and a selection/filter tool where you can create personalized emails within the same campaign, making emails feel unique.

🏆 Winner

When talking about a pure number of features, Postaga is the clear winner.


PursueApp – one time purchase of $99.00

Cold Email Master – one time purchase of $49.00

Postaga – free

🏆 Winner

Understandably, the winner is Postaga since it’s completely free.


While Postaga may be the overall winner as a do-it-all solution, both PursueApp and Cold Email Master bring a different approach to the table; the former being very straightforward and simple to use and the latter functioning as a great learning tool.

If you want to expand your knowledge, be sure to check out interesting courses about cold emails in general, or their application in marketing.