Stop wasting time sending your email campaigns to bots and trolls! Today I’m pumped to introduce you to Email List Validation, the multi-level verification  system that efficiently cleans up your email lists and ensures the highest deliverability.

email list validation

Alright, let’s get into it! To start verifying, you can either upload a CSV file,  OR use one of these integrations, like MailChimp or Hubspot.

There’s loads of possibilities here. Uploading a CSV file is easy. Just choose your file and upload.

Okay, now that it’s uploaded,  you can Start Verification. Check out the progress of the verification right here.  What’s really cool about Email List Validation, is the PreVerification Process, that shows you  the number of emails that need to be verified, and also weeds out disposable email addresses,  spam, and address duplicates.

Once the email verification is done, click here to download  and see the results. Oh, and you can also verify individual email addresses up here.

Now let’s jump into your statistics of how many emails have been verified,  how many were deliverable and how many were invalid or risky.  It’s a handy way to have a bird’s eye view of your email lists.

And lastly, you can create your own API key. It’s super easy,  just click this button and enter the API Summary. And you can connect your API by using your key.

That’s the buzz on Email List Validation! What’re you waiting for? It’s time  to increase your email deliverability. Start using Email List Validation today!.

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