2020 has been a lot of hanging out in one place and with many businesses closed and distancing measures in place, you might be looking for a virtual way to bring customer into your space.

Now whether you’re a realtor looking to show off your new listings or an Aquarium with cameras on the adorable penguin exhibit, then I’ve got very exciting news for you. Now there’s a solution to hassle-free virtual tours to create the immersive experience You’ve been looking for.


Today i can’t wait to tell you about teleportme, a tool that helps you create interactive virtual tours for a 360 degree, immersive experience. Teleportme is already used by millions of users in industries ranging from architecture and real estate, to shopping malls and retail stores

All right, i’m going to create my first tour. Once i enter the name and description, I’m taken to the upload screen to add my panoramas, heads up, panoramas can also be uploaded via iOS and android apps. They can also be sorted into folders, which we’ll dig into a little later, reordered and, most importantly, edited when i hit edit I’ll, be able to add hotspots aka the magic behind teleportme.

Hotspots can be connected to a variety of things, including another panorama, which is great for creating an interactive story between your uploads, an audio or image file, a URL, a YouTube, video or text. I’M going to go ahead and add a few, then change up the icons to better represent what the hotspot is.

Teleportme comes with a variety of classic icons, plus you can upload your own and switch up the colors for a branded experience. Speaking of branding with custom, redirects and embed options, as well as using your own logos, colors and fonts, you can transform your virtual tour into a fully branded experience.

Next, I’m going to choose the initial position of the panorama and add ambient music that plays automatically in the background. This is different from an audio hotspot that one makes the user hit play. alright, once I’ve added hotspots to all my panoramas, I’m ready to hit share. This is where i can copy the direct link or iframe to embed the panorama on my website.

I can also choose the thumbnail, include my logo and switch on auto rotate, so the movement starts with no effort from the user. Realtors, teleportme also has an mls compatible link to add your tour to any mls listing last thing, i mentioned that we dive deeper into folders. The editing and hotspot process is the same, but this is an awesome option for larger tours with say 30 or more panoramas.

With folders, the tour is organized and appropriately labeled, so your viewers have an easy time. Getting around. Create a virtual experience that makes your guests feel like they’ve left their home teleport your audience with teleportme today.

More info, do check out https://appsumo.com/teliportme-virtual-tours/