Going live on social media can be a pain in the you-know-what: There’s no way to seamingly fix audio issues, re-do your botched lines, or cover up outside interruptions. And what if your internet isn’t all that reliable?


How To Live Streaming Pn Pre-recorded Videos

Forget about it. So what if I told you that I have a solution that lets you stream pre-recorded videos as though they were live? If that sounds like a gamechanger, then you better stay tuned for today’s product intro. Today I’m going to tell you about OneStream, a cloud-based solution that helps you schedule and livestream your pre-recorded videos to more than 40 social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope!

Alrighty, let’s chat OneStream. When you log in to OneStream for the first time, you’ll be prompted to connect your social accounts. OneStream supports a massive number of social platforms, so for the purposes of this demo, let’s go with the most popular: Facebook Pages. You’ll be prompted to sign in to your account, where you will see all of the pages for which you’re an admin or editor. Select as many of those pages as you want!

Next I want to show you how to schedule a video on those social accounts. Click on New Stream on the top or the sidebar. Then, upload your video through any of the available platforms or directly from your computer. And hey, there’s no file size limit when you upload from Cloud Storage! Once the video is uploaded, you can give it a name, description, and tags. Then select the social accounts you want to go live on. Time to schedule! If you don’t choose a date or time, the video will go live in one minute. But you can also schedule live streams for as far as 59 days in the future.

Bonus! All of the videos can be seen in a calendar view, and you can drag and drop videos to easily reschedule them to a new date! Once your video goes live, you can kick back and relax… even put your laptop away and enjoy your vacation. OneStream does NOT require you to be anywhere near your laptop when the stream is going.

OneStream lets you add a watermark or logo anywhere on the screen, update the video thumbnail, and send notifications up to 6 days before to let your followers know about the stream! Finally, the Team Management tab lets you allow people to stream on your account without making them an admin. Let your team members create schedules for you; you can always review the schedules before they go live so your social account remains in your control.