You’ve put your sweat and tears into building a website and publishing awesome content there. But you’re not getting as much return traffic as you’d like. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, which is why we’ve got an effective solution to retain your website visitors and keep ‘em coming back for more. Stay tuned for today’s product showcase.

Follow It

Today I am excited to tell you about, the most effective way to get people to follow your website and come back each time you publish new content. Alrighty, let’s dive in. Once you’ve arrived at the site, you’ll be greeted with value propositions that will tell you exactly how and why effectively engages your audience. Keep scrolling to add your website URL. will be able to determine your site builder and provide you the instructions you need to set things up. For instance, AppSumo runs its blog on WordPress, so I’m going to be instructed to install the Follow & Social Media Plugin. But let’s say I prefer a manual option or host my site elsewhere: you can just click here.

If you do that, you’ll be asked to define the design of your follow form. You’ve got the options that you can customize on the right and a live preview on the left. If you already have a form up and running, you can link that form to using this code. Go ahead and pick the Follow icons you like best, and you can add them in strategic places on your website, like at the end of a blog post. Alright, setup is just about done. After this, you’ll claim your feed by connecting it to your account.

There’s also a WordPress plugin for this step, or you can enter your email here and receive a verification link in your email. I want to pause here to show you how your page will appear to your users. This one here is the lean follow page, which is targeted just at getting people to offer up their emails. And here is the standard follow page, where you can include more details about the content you’ll be pumping out. When a user hits follow, then they’ll have options to filter the feed by keywords, tags, authors, and popularity, and define what stories they want to receive and how.

Alright, let’s dive into the platform and set up your Settings. First, we’ve got the feed display where you will be able to update the follow page description, tags, and feed language, as well as decide whether you want to appear in the directory for additional visibility. Next, you can set up your follow options to define how your readers will receive your feed when they haven’t selected their own preferences. In the Sending Options tab you’ll enter the From field, subject line, and any Google Analytics tracking information.

Now that you’re good to go and your readers are subscribed, it is time to check out the stats. This first tab is all about how to get and retain followers, so you can see how many people are following each channel, the conversion rate of how many people landed on your follow page and how many have become active followers, and the unfollows and reasons for them.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The second tab is all about sending updates, so you can see how many updates have been sent for each channel, how many clicks those messages are getting, and your most popular articles. Well, give the people what they want: More of your content!! Get more subscribers and engage a larger audience today with

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