Calling all social media marketers! Good news: There are a ton of social media channels you can use to promote your brand. The only downside? It takes SO MUCH TIME to redesign images for all of them. What if there was a tool that automagically created professional-looking BRANDED images for you?


You’d be pretty into that, right? Well you’re going to want to stick around for this product showcase because that’s exactly what this tool does.

Today we’re talking about Relaythat, which takes your brand assets to create professional images that are perfectly sized for all your social media channels – which reduces design time by 90 PERCENT. Let me show you how it works: Click the “Magic Import” wand any type in any URL to your website, blog post, or social media page.

Then click load, and use the drop downs to make adjustments OR just click “Import” if you like what you see. RelayThat does ALL the heavy sized lifting for you and automatically builds thousands of finished designs so you can focus on just choosing your favorites. Don’t have branded assets? No problem – Relaythat also has an ever-growing library of Project Presets to get started Next you can boost your creativity with the Ideas tab for thousands of color combinations, font pairings and high converting headlines! You can even add brackets around words or phrases to highlight them with a unique color and font to make them stand out.

Then finish the look from the library of millions of copyright free images, icons, and backgrounds that you can choose from. Every change you make updates the entire layout library! Then, if you want to change a particular layout – simply click the ‘Remix’ button or toggle elements on or off until you find a graphic you’re happy with! The more you add, the more options you have. And for all my agencies out there that are managing multiple projects or brands, RelayThat lets you seamlessly transition between each one while keeping all your assets organized.

And here’s where it gets even more interesting: RelayThat creates templates for ADS that have been tested and optimized for maximum reach and impact. Say what?? So if you’re looking for a tool that will deliver professional looking designs, save you LOTS of time, and increase your brand visibility – then you’ll definitely want to check out RelayThat.