Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that allows people to connect with their friends and the world. With Snapchat, advertisers can reach a global audience and become part of their everyday conversations.

Why Snapchat?

Discover the Power of Snapchat








A camera to create and express your world — that’s the power of Snapchat.

A Snap is much more than a simple text — it is a way to communicate and express your feelings with the people who matter the most to you, through your camera.

Real friends, real results. No public likes, comments, or pressure. You’re free to be you, with the people you care about most.

How to Navigate Snapchat

The first thing you have to understand is that there’s more to Snapchat than just photo and video messages that disappear.

In addition to the camera screen, the app has three main sections:

The Friends Screen

Swipe right for the messaging side of the app. Here is where Snapchatters chat with their friends.

The Friend Screen

Swipe up for Memories

Here is where you can rewatch your saved Snaps and Stories.

Swipe up for Memories

The Discover Screen

Swipe left to access our audience’s main source of news and entertainment. Our Discover tab is loaded with stories from our community, content partners, and Snap’s editorial team.

The Discover Screen

The Discover section showcases stories from sources ranging from mainstream media (The Wall Street Journal, Wired, National Geographic) to entertainment websites and Snapchat itself, which publishes curated collections of user-submitted Snaps related to certain topics.

The Discover section is also where our audience can view Stories from their friends, celebrities, and popular accounts.

To see less of a certain kind of Story, just press and hold it, then select “Hide”.

Why the camera matters


Snap Audience

Snapchat is Growing Globally

Globally, 238 million Daily Active Users in Q1 2020, a 20% YoY increase.

Snapchat Growing rate

Snapchatters are Actively Engaged

Having conversations with Real Friends is a Frequent Behavior.

On average, over 60% of daily users create snaps with our camera everyday

Insight! Like a messaging app, users open Snaptchat to communicate and send Snaps constantly throughout the day

30+ apps open per day

Snapchat AR Generation

The generation that uses Snapchat’s Augmented Reality is driving new behaviors and values that are changing today’s world:

On average, 75% of daily users engage with AR every day.

Snapchatters interactive with AR nearly 30 times a day

+500 minutes of AR playtime every day average

Meet the Snapchat Generation

The Snapchat Generation is increasingly becoming the most important generation for marketers to reach.

Why Is This?

Members of this generation are important to reach because they are still forming their brand preferences, and exploring the kinds of services and products they want to engage with and purchase from. Also, they directly influence what their families are buying and spending time and money on. They are becoming the next decade’s largest group of consumers.

Millenials and Gen Z have over $1 trillion in direct spending power.

Gen Z Influence Household Purchases

92% of parents say their children influence the purchase decisions at home.

63% of incremental sales came from households where only purchase influencers saw advertising.

Ad Formats

Discover the Different Types of Snapchat Ads Products:

Snap Ads

Make an impact

A Single Image or Video Ad is a full-screen ad that can be used for many objectives. Simply add an attachment and enable Snapchatters to swipe up and take action.


Engage your audience and drive brand awareness

Commercials are non-skippable for six seconds, but can be up to three minutes long. These ads appear within Snap’s curated content.

*Not yet available outside the USA

Story Ads

Reach Snapchatters with a series of ads

Story Ads are branded tiles that live in Snapchat’s Discover section. Generate excitement around your brand or latest collection with a series of 3-20 single image or video ads. This format is 100% optional for the user.

Collection Ads

Showcase a series of products

A Collection Ad features four tappable tiles to showcase multiple products, giving Snapchatters a frictionless way to browse and buy.

Lenses AR Experiences

Create interactive moments with augmented reality experiences.

Lenses are a powerful and memorable way to connect with consumers using augmented reality. Create memorable, interactive moments that Snapchatters can play with and send to friends.


Take part in Snapchatters’ conversations.

Filters are artistic overlays that appear after you take a Snap and swipe left or right. Take part in Snapchatters’ conversations as they visit neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, shops, and celebrate important holidays.

snapchat filters

Why Snap Ads?

1. Snapchatters

They are a unique, valuable audience that can’t be reached anywhere else:

On average 238 million people use Snapchat every day

Our community spends an average of 30 minutes on Snapchat every day

Millenials and Gen Z have $1 trillion in direct spending power

Snanchatters are 20% more likely to make purchases on mobile.

2.Their Power

Active Impressions

The reach provided by Snap Ads is active, not passive! Users are learning and creating, which means that every Lens impression is highly valuable.

Shared with Friends

Empower users to create on your Brand’s behalf, and share content with their closest Friends, thereby building a community of highly devoted brand advocates. The power of influence of a friend is more than any influencer or ad could have.

3. You will be able to Reach your Business Goals with Snapchat

Snapchat Ad products offer you the possibility to reach any marketing funnel goal — from awareness and consideration, to conversions and responses.

Build Awareness

Educate Snapchatters on your business, brand, app, or product.

  • Build brand awareness
  • Introduce potential customers to your brand
  • Showcase new products or services to existing customers or potential customers

Drive Consideration

Encourage Snapchatters to learn more about your products or services.

  • Generate app installs
  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive engagement
  • Generate video views
  • Lead generation

Boost Conversions

Drive Snapchatters to take specific actions on your website or within your app

  • Increase website conversions
  • Drive catalog sales

Please note that Snap Pixel is required for conversion objectives.

Targeting Capabilities

You can set your ads to reach specific Snapchatters based on a variety of factors:

Interests and Behaviors

Reach Snapchatters based on the things they like and do — both on and off Snapchat.


Reach Snapchatters by age, gender, or other demographic categories.


Reach Snapchatters by country, location category (like “universities” or “beaches”), proximity to a specific address, and more.

Custom Audiences

Retarget Snapchatters who have already seen your ads or engaged with your business.


Expand your reach by reaching new Snapchatters similar to your existing list of customers.

Brand Safety

Snapchat’s mission is to build a trustworthy, healthy, and safe platform for Snapchatters.

That’s why we work hard to maintain the privacy, safety, and well-being of Snapchatters and brand partners.

  • New products and features are developed with a focus on privacy and safety-by-design.
  • Measures are taken to protect our platform from fake news and misinformation.
  • Snapchatter data is treated with care and sensitivity.