People on Twitter are influential, receptive, and generate unparalleled results. Therefore, when it comes to developing marketing plans, start with them, since they have proven strategies to help you be part of their world and therefore that of millions of people.

Twitter Bird

In this introductory course, but especially throughout the Digital Ad Degree, you will learn everything you need to know about this platform in order to create effective advertising campaigns for brands and clients.

Why Do People Use Twitter?

Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about

People use Twitter to find out what’s happening in the world, get the latest news in real-time, exchange ideas with other people, brands, and celebrities worldwide, and be exposed to diverse voices.

The Power of Twitter’s Audience

Twitter’s influential audience shapes the conversations that matter.

  • Leaders, Not Followers: They influence their friends and family.
  • #1 Platform for Discovery: Twitter is where people find out about new music, new technology, and new products.

Source of Information: People on Twitter are more open to your message. Most of them follow brands, so they’re the first to know what’s happening.

85% of Twitter users follow brands on Twitter

Start with them. Start with Twitter.

When people are on Twitter, they are ready to engage with you. Their minds are open. Their hearts are unlocked.

60% like to be the first to try new things

Why Should Brands Be on Twitter?

Twitter attracts an audience that wants to know what’s happening.

On Twitter, brands can connect with a receptive, influential, and open-minded audience, which can help them achieve any goal they may have.

So, whether you are launching something new or joining the conversation, Twitter allows you to connect with the people at the center of what’s happening.

When to Use Twitter

When launching something new, start with your Twitter audience.

Any new information you have to share with your audience is considered a Launch.

This can include:

  • Brands
  • Products
  • Features
  • Messages
  • Promotions


If you launch and no one talks about it, did you really launch?

People use Twitter to discover what’s new:

79% like to discover new things

60% like to be the first to try new things

53% more likely to be the first to buy new products

How to Make Your Launch Worth Talking About

It’s not just the reveal that matters. Today’s leading brands build engagement using a phased approach.

Listen, Tease, Reveal, Reinforce


Align existing consumer insight to your Twitter audience, or engage with Twitter to build a new audience insight.



  • Create buzz and awareness, and target a pool of influential early engagers.
  • Target the most influential users when they are more receptive.
  • Leverage content and formats that encourage sharing.


  • Drive mass awareness of your launch to spark conversation and get your message through to the masses.
  • Use mass-reach products to break through and make an outsized impact on a large audience.


  • Reinforce your launch message after the reveal to drive preference and maintain buzz to keep your brand top-of-mind.
  • Consider multiple creative strategies to test and learn.
  • Re-engage viewers with downstream messaging.


Ad formats Twitter

Choose the best Twitter Ads Solutions for your goals

Twitter Ads offers 20+ product options to showcase your content and media in the best format possible.

Twitter Ads Format


Launch Creative Best Practices

Short and Focused

  • Keep promoted videos to 0:15 or less.
  • When possible, keep tweets < 50 characters.

Strong Visuals

  • Use captions and visual cues to get your message across without sound.

Prominent Branding

  • Include clear and persistent branding throughout the ad.
  • Your logo should be in the upper left-hand corner.

Twitter is the best place to connect with what’s happening.

Connect with:

  • Events: every event happening live or on TV, such as the Oscars, the Grammys, the World Cup, any sports event, etc
  • Special Days: all those commercial or important cultural dates such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Cyber Monday, etc.
  • Trends: cultural movements, audience comments about your Brand, or anything that is happening in the world that everyone is talking about, such as #LunchAmerica, #Challenges, etc

Why It’s So Important to Connect with What’s Happening

People don’t wake up thinking about your brand, so you need to make an effort to stay top-of-mind, by engaging with them through the things they are interested in.

Now more than ever, brands need to connect with what’s happening

77% of brands could simply disappear and no one would care

Source: Meaningful Brands Survey – Havas

How to Connect with What’s Happening and Become Part of the Conversation


  • Foresee moments you know will happen, and produce content that will “feel” real-time when published at the right moment.


  • Create extensive lists of expected and potential moments related to the event.
  • Focusing on a few key moments and creating content that is relevant to them humanizes the Brand and makes the response seem “real-time.”


  • React to live conversations with content that reflects your brand’s message or product set.
  • 3 questions to ask:
    • Will it build relevance with your target audience?
    • Is there a direct connection to the Brand, category, sponsorship, or ad buy?
    • Will it help you steal a portion of your competitor’s reach?

When Brands connect with what’s happening on Twitter, they see positive results at every level of the funnel:

+18% message association

+8% brand awareness

+7% brand preference

+3% purchase intent