Don’t you wish you could combine all of your cloud storage accounts so you could easily store,  access, and share all your files from one platform? With Treasure, you can! Today I’m excited to tell you all about Treasure, the secure cloud storage platform that lets you  bring together all your cloud accounts on one streamlined interface for easy access and sharing!


Alright, so when you login, you can see your available storage, and on the left-side bar, you  navigate to different elements of the platform. You can see all the different integrations to Box,  Dropbox, Google Drive, and soon OneDrive.

To set up any of these integrations, just click,  sign in, and allow Treasure to access. And look, now you can access all your files from  that drive and guess what! It doesn’t take up your storage in Treasure either.

You’ll only  use storage space in Treasure when you move or upload files into it! Now, uploading a file to  Treasure is easy: you can either click the plus sign button or simply drag and drop. One of my favorite things about Treasure is that once you’ve set up your integrations,  you can migrate files between drives. Just select it and then click Move.  And you can use the search bar up top to go through your files across all your drives.

Also up top, you can easily download your files to your device, share your files via email,  and even set an expiration date for the link and protect it with a password. So now, you  can see how many people have access to your file down here, and you can always edit this later. Lastly, let’s hop over to settings, where you can  see how much data you’ve used and which accounts you’ve connected to Treasure.

Now you can say goodbye to hours hunting for *one* file,  and hello to the platform that brings all your cloud platforms together. Start  securely storing all your files in one place, get your hands on Treasure today!