Want to soundtrack your videos and podcasts with awesome music that doesn’t get flagged  for copyright infringement? Get ready to groove with Uppbeat! Today I’m pumped to tell you all about Uppbeat, the first freemium music platform for creators,  offering the guarantee of no YouTube copyright issues or demonetization of  content.


With Uppbeat Premium, you can download unlimited tracks from  a highly-curated catalog of real artists and beat makers from around the world! First things first, you can browse for music on Uppbeat by using these awesome inspiration  playlists. And if you don’t know what vibe you’re going for, you can also find music based on  relevant themes, like Travel if you’re adding in a soundtrack for a travel vlog.

This is what sets  Uppbeat apart from other music platforms, because it’s 100% made for creators.

So if you’re someone  doing a lot of Product Reviews, this playlist here streamlines your music hunting process. Now when you click into a playlist, you’ll see a bunch of beats, which you can sort by relevance,  latest releases, and undiscovered, and also filter based on energy, vocals, and duration.  Now these little pink stars mean that this track is only available with Uppbeat Premium.  Okay, so you’ve found a track you love, so click on it to visit the track page,  where you’ll see a bunch of similar tracks.  You can also click on an artist’s name to find all their tracks on Uppbeat and their artist bio!

Ready to hear some music? Click on the play icon and the player will pop up at the bottom  of the screen with the song’s wave form.

And if you like the song, you can easily add it  to your playlists. You can access your playlists from the left-sidebar anytime. You can also Favorite a track, which saves it to your Favorites list.

And when you find  a song you have to have, you can download it. Now you can take this link and embed it  into your Youtube Video description to avoid copyright claims. And even  if you do receive a copyright claim, it’ll automatically be cleared within 10 minutes! One last thing, Uppbeat Premium also lets you whitelist your Youtube channel to avoid  copyright claims. That means you don’t have to use Uppbeat Credits for any of your videos.

So, are you ready to find the perfect track for your content in seconds,  all without the nightmare of copyright issues? Start using Uppbeat today!. https://appsumo.com/uppbeat/