Social media is the backbone of many marketing plans, which means that it should  be easy to manage and more importantly, successful. You want to be posting often,  engaging with your followers quickly, and keeping up with all of the latest trends.  And I have just the tool for you to handle that, in today’s product intro.

cloud social

Today I can’t wait to tell you  about CloudSocial, which handles all of your social media in one place.

So CloudSocial, it’s a social media management and engagement platform that  lets you seamlessly publish content to Facebook, LinkedIn,  Twitter, and YouTube. You can also listen to specific keywords with boolean queries  and respond to your commenters and emails — ALL FROM THE SAME TOOL! Crazy, right? Alright, let’s create a post! It’s way simple: I’m going to give the campaign a name,  select the account, and enter the content of my post, including text, attachments, and  links. I’ll keep scrollin’ to target my post and schedule it. And yeah – it’s literally that easy! All posts will then land on a calendar and are color-coded according to their status.  Hover over any of these posts to see more details. We both know your posts are killin’ it and people are engaging with them – which means you’re going  to spend a lot of time in the Omnibox.

This is the inbox for all of the comments, tweets, and other  responses that your social posts receive. Oh, and your email — yeah, you heard that right.  CloudSocial makes it possible to reply to support emails from the same place you reply to tweets. Next up, let’s head to the Listen tab to do some social listening.  Here I’ll set up a query and add different filters, like a language, author, and more.  Once I click Run, CloudSocial will crawl news sites, blogs,  message boards, and review sites. Then, I can export this info into an excel file.

Finally, we’re going to check out analytics, where I can look at the stats for my brand as a whole  or do a deep dive into individual social channels. Now, here’s a super helpful insight:  the Sentiment Analytic helps you understand how your customers and fans are feeling  by gathering everything they’re saying online about your services and business. It’s a no brainer. Make social media fun again with an easy-to-use yet  super insightful platform. Get your hands on CloudSocial today.

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