With so much competition for your user’s limited attention, you want to make sure your  graphics are scroll-stopping and effective. That’s where AttentionInsight steps in.

attention insight

Today I cannot wait to tell you about Attention Insight,  a tool to help you boost your marketing campaign performance  by using AI Heatmaps to show you what users will notice in your creatives.

This means  you get instant campaign testing and can see the design through the eyes of your audience!

Alright, now let me take you on a tour of your dashboard. Here you’ll  find your projects, analysis, and comparisons in one place.  Easily create a new project, and save it to a dedicated folder to keep things organized.

Let’s launch our first project with Attention Insight. Just give your project a name,  and you’re ready to create an analysis. Select the design type you’re analyzing, be it the desktop,  marketing materials like posters and ads, or mobile. Next, go ahead and upload the  image that you want to test. You can also test a live site by entering the  URL — meaning you can get some insights on your competitors.

Hit Analyze All, and you’re done! Sit back while Attention Insight analyzes your image and produces  heat maps that show how user attention is distributed across your design.  The warm colors, like red and yellow, are the areas that draw the most attention. You can use the Percentage of Attention feature to mark specific elements in the design and see  how much attention it captures.

Make sure to give your element a name!

This will help you  evaluate the performance of individual elements and whether they’ve reached your intended results. The Clarity Score describes how clear the design is and whether it needs a little more love and  editing – for example, Attention Insight will give you a lower score if the design  is overloaded with elements and conflicting colors.

Then, Alexa Sites Rank will compare  your design to industry standard and let you know where you compare to top sites in your category. Now here’s where things get really cool. You can add designs to Comparison mode by  clicking on the comparison icon in the right corner and then selecting  the analyses you want to compare against each other.

Make sure to mark all design  elements you want to compare in design BEFORE you select them. And you’re done! Within comparison mode, you’ll see side-by-side comparisons of  attention heatmaps as well as a comparison table of both design’s Clarity Scores and  Percentages of Attention of elements you marked. Now you’re able to make  a data-driven decision to determine which design works best and catches the most eyes! Attention Insight is also available in a number of plugins for even easier access.

Get all of these features with the Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD plugins,  and the Chrome extension! Psssst, a pro-tip: With the Chrome Extension you can also quickly  and easily scan your own or your competitor’s site so you can always stay one step ahead.

So what are you waiting for? Create design that is  guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience using Attention Insight. https://appsumo.com/products/attention-insight