Today I’m pumped to talk to you about how you can streamline all your project management needs  with Flowlu! Today’s product showcase, we’re talking about Flowlu, a complete suite of  project and business management tools, including a CRM, invoicing, kanban board, and more! Alright let’s start with the Flowlu Company Page, which is where you can message your team,  and create announcements and polls.


Up here in your notification center you’ll get notified of  new tasks and comments. And if you click here, you can chat with your teams via DM and group chat.  Got notes? You can keep them here. Now let’s hop on over to Calendar, where you can keep track of all your meetings,  appointments, and events.

And you can easily sync up your calendar with your team. Let’s move over to Tasks, where you can organize collaborations,  delegate to your team, and track deadlines. Using the left-side bar Task Navigation,  you can move between your tasks and filter through by deadline. You can even set up  your own Lists to help keep you on task! Down here, filter through by Projects and Workspaces.

Creating a new task is simple. And when you assign it to a team member,  they’ll receive an automatic notification! You can change the status of the Task, mark the priority,  and set the deadline.

Best of all, you can also link Tasks to Projects, Workspaces,  Opportunities, and your client’s CRM accounts. Speaking of CRM, let’s check out the CRM tab.

You can view the Opportunities Page either as  a Table, (3:27) where you can manage your columns, or in Kanban Board view,  which lets you filter by Activities. You can also easily automate your workflow right here. Then over in Organizations, you’ll find all your contact information and the relevant  activity feed. You can click through these tabs up top to see all the tasks,  opportunities, projects, and more for this organization! Now let’s jump into Projects.

Here is the list of all your projects with their deets,  like stage of completion, priority, and deadline. Clicking into Projects Workflow, this is where the  magic happens. You can set up your workflow by creating and deleting project stages.  You can even add milestones. So when you’ve completed all your milestones in one stage,  Flowlu will automatically move you to the next stage.

Finally, the Finance Section! Here is where you create and send invoices. You can set up  automatic invoices for subscription services. Also very important, you can track your Money  aka your expenses and revenue right here.

You can even connect online payments for your invoices.

Flowlu combines all the necessary business management tools in one  easy-to-use platform. Time to go with the flow, start using Flowlu today!.