Of cause you know your product is good. I knows your product is good too. But most importantly, your prospects need to know that your product is awesome. How do you do that? It is Easy. You sprinkle on a little real-time social proof and insert a little FOMO for them. If selling more or getting more leads is your core, then stay tuned for today’s product Intro.

evidence social proof

Today I want to tell you about Evidence, a tool to boost website conversions and engagements by using real-time, targeted social proof notifications that’ll generate urgency and trust among your visitors.

Real-time social proof, Evidence

Converting more site visitors using social proof is as simple as installing the Evidence pixel to the backend of your landing page. Evidence gives you a helping hand by guiding you through the setup process for popular website builders, shopping carts, and more. As soon as you’re done, it’s time to build a campaign! The first step is to create a notification.

For the purposes of our demo, let’s set up a visitor count, which shows a live or prior visitor count. Evidence makes it easy to design your notifications to look like your brand. You can update the image, text, colors, animations, and more. And voila! You’re ready to boost conversions.

Head over to the settings to customize the timing, animation, prioritization, and other display options. Evidence allows you to have complete control. After all, this is your website.

Now let’s take a closer look at the other notification types. There are five types of notifications, with more in the works! In addition to visitor count notifications, Evidence helps you create powerful campaigns using notification types like conversions, streaks, offers, and announcements.

The announcement notification alone can be used for 20 different scenarios in your business. Drop these eye-catching, attention-grabbing alerts any time you release a new feature, blog post, podcast, live event, survey or giveaway.

In addition to converting more of your existing traffic, Evidence will help you reclaim lost traffic with Boomerang Tabs. This special feature moves scrolling text across the browser tab to grab the attention of visitors that may be surfing the web in another tab and brings them back to your site, where they belong. I’ve seen these before, and let’s just say, they work.

Bonus – Evidence can connect with just about any app without the need for additional tools. Simply have your app send a webhook to your unique Evidence address and BOOM, they are connected. If you want to increase buyer urgency resulting in more leads, more appointments and more sales, then you better click the link below to get your hands on Evidence!.

real-time social proof

Check out Evidence https://www.appsumo.com/evidence/