Be honest: How many emails have you sent out today that have gone unanswered? I know it’s frustrating when you want to sell more, hire faster, increase retention, and schedule meetings, but your inbox is crickets. Well, what if you made it easier for people to give you an answer? With 1-click replies and embedded surveys, your inbox will be flooded with emails.


If this is the news you’ve been waiting for, then you better stick around for today’s product intro. Today I’m going to talk to you about ReplyButton, a tool that skyrockets your email replies by embedding 1-click reply buttons, surveys, and polls into your email, making it super easy for customers, recruits, colleagues, and anyone else to get back to you quickly.

Alright, let’s dive into ReplyButton.

Reply-focused email outreach tool

It’s way easy to create your first campaign. First up, connect your email account. Then, give your campaign a title and sender. Next, add your recipients manually or by uploading a CSV. Now you’re ready to draft your email! When you add reply buttons, you can customize the buttons’ text and the link to which they redirect.

Or include a survey or poll! Add an unlimited number of questions and answers to collect necessary feedback from your customers without them ever having to click a link. ReplyButton also comes with very handy auto-replies, so you can send personalized reply emails based on which button your recipient chooses.

When a customer clicks a reply button, the auto-reply email will be sent after the wait time you set. You can even reply with a new subject line and customize as much as you want from the original email. Once you’ve drafted all of the emails in the series, just determine your sending time and rules. Your email responses will go out automatically, and you’ll have more time for more important tasks.

Are you tired of sending outreach emails that never receive a yes or no response? Or what about sending customers polls and surveys that never get filled out? It’s time to kiss those days goodbye and boost your email responses and productivity with ReplyButton!