Your support team is hardworking and efficient, but everyone makes mistakes, like responding to an email twice or not responding at all. And as your business grows, these mistakes are even more likely… unleeesss you have a tool that’ll make them easier to avoid!

Shared Inbox Solution For Teams

Shared Inbox Solution For Teams

Oh yeah, you already know what I’m going to say next – we have a solution to this problem coming at you in today’s product intro. Today we are talking about Helpwise, a shared inbox and email collaboration tool that helps you manage customers, sales, and internal emails company-wide using a Gmail-like interface. Plus! Helpwise doesn’t stop at just email: users can create a shared inbox for SMS and WhatsApp.


Alright, let’s get into it. When you login, you’ll see all of your mailboxes. Here’s a quick breakdown of the sections in each individual inbox: You’ve got the unassigned emails, of course. Then, there’s the Assigned Folder, which holds emails assigned to all team members, while the Mine Folder holds all of the emails assigned to you! Finish getting set up by adding team members. Just go to “Manage” and then “Users.” You can also customize permissions for each person.

Alright, let’s compose a new email. Helpwise features all of the same functions as your regular inbox. Connect links, attach files, plus use a saved reply for uniformity across the support team. You can also create Saved Replies in the Replies section of Helpwise. Additionally, set up basic Rules for emails in the Rules section.

For example, if a sender uses a specific word in the subject line, the email will be automatically assigned to the appropriate team member. Next, when you open an email in an inbox, you can easily see who else is currently viewing the email and assign it to a team member in one click.

Just as easily, you can snooze a conversation until a later time, leave internal notes for your team members, and of course hit reply! Head over to the Analytics section to get a breakdown of your outgoing and incoming emails, plus see which of your team members are hustling hardest and responding the most.

If you’re looking for the perfect tool to support your customer queries, then you better get your hands on Helpwise today..

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