If you’re anything like me, you check your social media stats obsessively. You love viewing audience breakdowns and the times of day that your followers are online.


But also, if you’re anything like me, you aren’t always positive what to do with this treasure trove of information. Well, kiss that uncertainty goodbye noq! Because we’ve got in-depth analytics tool with actionable insights coming at you in today’s product introducing.

Today I want to tell you about Vaizle, a social media analytics tool for businesses that want simple, actionable steps to improve their social strategy and performance. Let’s get into it! When you login, Vaizle shows you your brand’s major data points in an assortment of sleek, colorful graphs.

At-a-glance, you’ll get a quick breakdown of your engagement, tips on the optimal number of hashtags to put in your captions, and the best time to post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Yep, unlike other tools, Vaizle gives you cross-channel analysis! With Vaizle, you can compare as many brands as you want. Bar graphs will compare your stats to those of other brands and against the industry average. And in the Hashtags section, you can view the top hashtags across all brands or a specific one. You can also switch between these different Dashboard landscapes. Click “Self” to look at just one brand or hit “Brands” to get a competitor analysis.

The “Group” landscape gives larger companies and digital marketing agencies the ability to separate their brands across industries or specialties. In Smart Insights, you’ll see the latest posts from the brands you follow. You can also sort these posts by engagement, or filter even further by checking out the most highly liked videos or the text post with the most comments. Whatever you need, you can get in seconds!

Then, head over to the Reports section to build a new report. Reports are totally white-labeled. Give it a title, upload your logo, and choose from an assortment of ready-made templates. Then, you can select the brands, social platforms, and time period you want to pull a report for. You can check off which stats you want to use, and add notes to the report for even more context.

All changes to your report are viewable in the live preview :). Send reports to clients by downloading the report or sharing the live link for your client to view in their own browser. If you want insights that you can actually use, then you need to get Vaizle by hitting the link below.