Calling Entrepreneurs! Freelancers! Procrastinators. We need to talk about your to-do list’s assistance. If your work life is anything like mine, it can feel like whenever you cross off one task, another three get added. Growing to-do lists are overwhelming, and sometimes I look at my list and have no idea where to begin. Do you know the feeling? I thought you would. Lucky for you, we have the answer to all that stress in today’s product showcase. Today, we’re going to talk about Amazing Marvin, a tool that uses behavioural psychology to help you beat procrastination, feel in control, and finish your to-do list.

Amazing Marvin

Sound complicated? It’s not. And what’s even better is Marvin is way more customizable than any other productivity app. Amazing Marvin keeps all tasks in a Master List, separated into colour-coded categories. Already using a productivity app? Import your lists and sync your calendar to stay on top of all your work. You can plan your day by sliding items from your Master List into your daily tasks. In the Strategies tab, you’ll see why Marvin is the best tool to help you get stuff done. You can turn on and off and customize features to make Marvin work for you and your productivity goals. Let’s take a look at some of those features. Break the Day Down organizes your day’s tasks into the morning, afternoon, and evening. Duration Estimates allow you to see how long each task will take so you don’t over-schedule your day, and Integrated Time Tracking will provide you stats on how much time you’ve worked.

Craving some extra motivation? Use tools like Focus Mode to keep you working on one task at a time, or Beat the Clock to race your time estimate on a given task. And if you’re anything like me, and not sure where to get started: Marvin will even help you with that, by giving you a random task from a selected list, proposing a suggested task based on your past data, or drawing a task from the Task Jar. Amazing Marvin will quickly become your go-to for organization, time management, and keeping stress at bay.

So if you’re ready to get rid of to-do lists and start reaching your ambitious goals, then you definitely want to check out Amazing Marvin. your to-do list’s assistance

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